• Dr. Bruni Emiliano | Building Green

    Dr. Bruni Emiliano

    Environmental engineer, PhD, biogas expert

    Emiliano Bruni received his MSc on Environmental Engineering at University of Firenze (Italy) and his PhD on pre-treatments of lignocellulosic materials for biogas production at the Technical University of Denmark. Emiliano Bruni has international experience in R&D, construction and optimization of commercial-scale biogas plants. As project manager at Schaumann BioEnergy, Emiliano Bruni is currently advising biogas plants across Europe. The main focus lies on plants treating agricultural residues, industrial by-products, and household waste. Schaumann BioEnergy is market leader in Europe for additives for biogas applications and for ensiling agents, constantly active with research at scientific level and with dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications.



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